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            Methods of Applications.Essential oils can be used simply and effectively at home in a variety of ways, both for their scent and for their cosmetic and medicinal qualities. Essential oils may be found in different parts of the plant: in the petals (rose), leaves (eucalyptus), roots of grass (vetiver), bark (cinnamon), heartwood (sandalwood), citrus rind (lemon), seeds (caraway), rhizomes (valerian), bulbs (garlic), the aerial or top parts of the plant (marjoram) or resin (frankincense), and sometimes in more than one part of the plant. Lavender, for instance, yields oil from both the flowers and the leaves, while the orange tree produces three different smelling essences with varying medicinal properties; the heady bitter-sweet neroli (flowers), the similar though less refined scent of petitgrain (leaves) and the cheery orange (rind of the fruit). more...

            Quality of pure essential oils

            "Pure Essential Oils.ca" natural products are 100% plant based without chemicals or artificial preservatives. The name of our Company is the name associated with purity, quality and integrity. The numerous analytical data, which we take into consideration for each of our Essential Oils are: Specific Gravity, Refractive Index,Optical Rotation,Complete/Principal Chemical Constituents. The name of our Company is the name associated with purity and quality more...

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            essential oils on saleTea Tree pure essential oil

            Tea tree Oil 16oz - Melaleuca alternifolia, leaf, Steam distilled

            16 oz - 59.40 $ CAN

            essential oils on sale

            Lavender pure essential oil

            lavandula angustifolia oil Country of origin: France - flowering tops

            16 oz - 175 $ CAN

            Definition of pure essential oils:

            Essential Oil A non oily and highly fragrant Essence which is extracted from a plant by distillation and fast evaporates more...

            Base (Carrier) Oils

            Base, or Carrier Oils are vegetable, nut or seed Oils, which has to be used to dilute the Essential Oil (s). These Oils themselves have therapeutic Properties and presents a good source of Nutrients and Energy.

            Infused Oil

            A vegetable Oil which has been infused with the fragrance of an aromatic plant by mixing the two together and heating. The resulting Oil is delicately fragrant, very greasy and does not evaporate.

            Fragrance Oil

            A combination of Essential oils with added chemicals and fixed Oils.


            Perfumes consist of a man-made mixture of aromatic chemicals and essential Oils. Up until the nineteenth century all perfumes were composed of natural aromatic Oils. Modern perfumes are almost synthetic and may contain up to 300 different elements in its blend At the present time Natural pure perfumes you can find very rare and they contains no synthetic ingredients. Perfumes usually have an alcoholic base and up to 30% concentration of Fragrances.

            Organic Aromatherapy products

            Canadian online fragrance store Organic essential oils
            The term "organic" is often used to describe a particular method of growing plants... more

            Pure essential oils are available in 12.5 kg or 50 kg drums. Please send essential oils
            inquire to info@pureessentialoils.com

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